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Acupuncture Has Been Proven to Work

Posted in: Conditions
By Dr. Pantea Etminan, NHD
Sep 11, 2012 - 12:50:13 PM

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It has been proven for centuries through ancient medicine that acupuncture is a method that has been helping many bodily issues; but not until recently was there a research done that showed just that. The researchers took 18,000 individuals for this study and found that acupuncture does wonders for many pains, aches and relieving muscular issues. Examples are arthritis, tendinitis and such.

Facts are acupuncture comes from ancient Chinese medicine that has been in practice for over thousands of years now. They've been utilizing such method to alleviate many muscular issues as well as health factors. It is great to see that in our westernized world we have proof now that it does work.

Acupuncture works on the neuropathic ways of the body, not to mention on the pathways that would open up channels to allow appropriate connection to the rest of the system. The body is a chain, without proper connection of this chain, things start to ache and not work properly. Each neuron gives signals to the next stage of the nerves and tissues to do their job right. When it is blocked it simply can't do its job and send the correct massage. It is just like a wire in a circuit. Yes, our body is full of wires and they need to work together and have proper access to each other to do their work. That is one of the things that acupuncture helps with.

Acupuncture can be really helpful for many muscular and nerve issues. Sometimes it may work upon contact and others it may take longer. But it also has other beneficial effects, such as more in depth within the organ structure and cellular. For the lather to be more helpful, acupuncture needs to be practiced more often and at more regular routine. It is important to find a good practitioner, as of anything else in life--there are different types of practitioners out there. They even may have different expertise. The great news though would be that the expansion of acupuncture in the past decade has been vast, so you should be able to find one in your area upon some research. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a profound and an ancient medicine that practices acupuncture, Chinese theology and more. Best scenario would be to find one that would be a TCM doctor.

Acupuncture has been noted to work for many different health issues including MS, tendinitis, muscular, nerve, and internal. Please be aware that since we are all unique beings what may work for someone upon one session may not be the case for the next. Being patient and finding a good practitioner who knows about your condition and how to go forth in helping is of great importance.

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