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Importance of Detoxification

Posted in: Conditions, Nutrition, Supplements
By Dr. Pantea Etminan, NHD
Feb 1, 2012 - 12:46:57 PM

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We live in a world where our body is always trying to combat toxins. Whether it is in the air, water, food or medication--we are always bombarded by toxins on some level. Of course, your body naturally is designed to get rid of toxins, but it is not necessarily able to do so at all times. This is because of the toxic load that it can handle and get rid of. If toxins are too much or the system just is not able to get rid of--then it settles into your body and organs. This is not a good thing at all. Toxins are products that are considered harmful, such as metals, to the body. Autoimmune diseases, such as Alzheimer's or rheumatoid arthritis, just to name a couple, are examples of type of diseases that could come about by toxic over load in the system.

What is the Solution?

Becoming aware of your body and the environment is an important step. Of course, trying to avoid toxins in the environment and in what you consume is a step that do need to be taken by everyone--but not always possible. Therefore learning about ways that you could detox your body becomes integral to optimal health and wellbeing.
There are number of ways that you could detox, but doing one that is appropriate for you is important. Working with a natural health practitioner who can guide you and assist what the best way in your case would be could be an asset. There are certain guidelines that we all can try to follow which would be helpful. But knowing how much detoxification your body needs is important as well. Remember to take it easy in the beginning and follow through.

Detoxification Ideas:

  • Drinking pure filtered water on empty stomach several times a day. May add lemon juice to water at some point.
  • Coriander seed--make a tea and consume daily.
  • Cilantro leaves--start drinking small amount of juice of some cilantro with some lemon juice and other greens that are rich in chlorophyll (examples would be rich green veggies, celery or romaine lettuce).
  • Chlorella--this single celled micro-algae, which is 2-10 microns in size has a molecular structure that allows it to bind with toxins such as metals, chemicals and pesticides in the body. It is unique in the way that it only attaches itself to those toxic metals but no other nutrient that your body has a need for. It has been studied and tested for years now on its efficiency. It is one of the most researched supplement in the world.
  • Spirulina--a blue green algae that has great detoxification properties. Need to be aware of where grown and it is from.
  • Vitamin C--eating fresh natural produce that are rich in vitamin C. Juicing is an excellent way to obtain it. in addition, natural sources of vitamin C could be taken.
  • Juicing--juicing fresh veggies that would include cilantro, parsley, lemon or lime on daily basis would be very helpful. They not only can cleanse your body but provide it with vital nutrients that it needs for optimal health.
  • Liquid diet--going on a liquid diet that would include fresh juices, water with lemon and teas all day long. This will be helpful in flushing the system. Three day minimum would be optimal. Though, even one day would be very helpful.

These are some examples of course, but good ideas to adapt into your life routine in general. The degree of detoxification that you may need, in particular, would make a difference in the type of treatment plan you would choose. Working with a educated practitioner would be of great assistance. In general, applying cleanse routine on regular basis would assure less toxin load on your system.

Chlorella or Spirulina

Both chlorella and spirulina algae's that provided protection against toxins. They do have some differences but both contain nutrients that provide the body with goodness (rich in minerals, vitamins and protein) in addition to their excellent detox function. It is good to include one of these in your diet, at least from time to time--to take advantage of what it has to offer. As a matter of fact, chlorella is one of the most consumed supplement in Japanese culture. Chlorella is considered to have complete protein with good balance of vitamin B's (even B12) and other vitamins. It is rich in minerals which would include iron as well. For this reason, it is best not to be over consumed by men. But women who continue to have their menses could easily take advantage of it on regular basis. Women who do not have regular menses should consume on moderation. It is best to be aware of your particular needs and diet in general in order to understand the types of supplements and foods that would be optimal for you.

It is important to note that only "broken cell" chlorella can be assimulated and utilized by the body. Chlorella in its whole form is not digestable for human kind. Making sure that the one that you choose is broken cell and from clean areas where PBC's are not a problem is important. You don't want to taken some thing that places additional burden upon the system.

More about Chlorella

Chlorella is a powerful supplement, as its integrity provides so much. It has powerful detoxifying affect and have been shown to provide the following:

  • Improve blood pressure
  • Cleanse the colon
  • Assist with bowel removal
  • Cleanse the liver and blood
  • Cleanse toxins from body
  • Support your body's elimination process of toxins and unnecessary products
  • Mold elimination
  • Tissue repair and promote growth
  • Support with alkalizing the system
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce disease and cancer risk
  • Improve digestion
  • Provide protein, vitamin B, minerals and good nutrients


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