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Spirulina and It's Amazing Powers

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By d
Jan 20, 2012 - 10:52:24 AM

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This blue green algae is capable of protecting the body from radiation in addition of its detoxification capabilities. Radiation causes Hematopoietic syndrome, which is marked by a three way drop in blood cells (the end result would be infection, which is related to insufficient white blood cells--and anemia, which is inadequacy in red blood cells--bleeding, which diminish platelet count).

Here you will find some specifics of this super food:

  • Spirulina has high natural iodine, which protects NOT ONLY your thyroid, but all glandular tissues in your body.
  • Spirulina is abundant in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which collectively promote healing and strengthen your immune system.
  • Spirulina is high in phytopigments (phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and other carotenoids), which enhance antioxidants and reduce free radical damage from radiation, as well as from pollutants, drugs and other environmental toxins. These pigments may also help explain spirulina 's anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Spirulina is high in metallo-thionine compounds (proteins combined with metals) that bind heavy radioactive isotopes and eliminate them from your body (Matsubara et al. "Radioprotective effect of metallo-thionine," presented at Radial Rays Conference, Tokyo Japan 1985)
  • Scientists at the Gastro-Intestinal Laboratory at McGill University in Montreal demonstrated that alginates derived from Laminaria could reduce by 50 to 80 percent the amount of radioactive strontium absorbed through the intestine.
  • Spirulina is rich in highly bioavailable iron, which helps prevent anemia. A new study published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Biology in January 2011 confirms this effect, finding spirulina effective in the treatment of anemia and age-related immune dysfunction among senior citizens.
  • Spirulina has a number of blood-strengthening properties, as found by this 2001 animal study from China. The study concluded that spirulina has chemo-protective and radio-protective capabilities and shows potential for fighting cancer. Immune cells in your blood are highly radiosensitive and considered to be good indicators for biological effects taking place at the molecular level.
  • Spirulina somehow helps shield cells from gamma radiation, as shown by this study on the bone marrow of mice.
  • Spirulina helps to protect your kidneys, which are some of the FIRST organs to suffer damage after significant radiation exposure. Research suggests spirulina helps protect from the nephrotoxicity of cancer treatments, antibiotics and analgesics.

In addition to all that, spirulina has a wide variety of nutrients that are just amazing. From vitamins and minerals to protein and antioxidants. It has it all. It is an excellent choice for health and wellbeing. It has a good amount of protein, so it is a good choice for vegetarians on moderation. It helps with detoxification, as explained. Our body is constantly getting bombarded with toxins, it is a fact. The pollution, diet, water, stress--all are toxins that over time would be damaging to our body. It is essential to detox on certain routine basis or whenever you feel that the system has gotten over burdened. One great way to do that is with spirulina (do keep in mind that this is just one suggestion--detoxification could entail different matters, best to consult a natural health practitioner who can help you).

The Source of Spirulina is Important

As great spirulina is, it is important that it's source would come from an area that is healthy and not radiated, flooded with PBC or highly contaminated areas. So, it is important to make sure that what you get is clean and non toxic, similar to the concern of eating fish. Unfortunately, we do face a problem with highly contaminated oceans these days. But good news is that there are good sources out there that are clean and good to use.

Of course, it would be best to consult a natural health practitioner for you particular need and dosage--but the regular recommended dosage would be around 3,000 mg daily for adults--and 400 to 1,500 mg for children (as maintaining or preventive care purposes). Of course, for therapeutically use, you would need a much higher dosage--from 10,000 to 25,000 mg daily for adults. But like I said, it is best to consult with a natural health practitioner, especially for higher dosage.


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