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Diet and Exercise Can Make A New You

Posted in: Health, Conditions, Nutrition
By Dr. Pantea Etminan, NHD
Jan 13, 2012 - 12:54:09 PM

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Human's skeletal muscle can hold a limited amount of glucose, at the most, 250 grams (if you are larger in muscle mass) and about 70 grams in your liver. That would be a total of 320 grams of glucose that your body would be able to store at one time. You know what the funny thing is? You can easily eat that in a cup of specialty coffee. Yap. Those mochas or such are loaded with sugars, thus carbs that could flood through your body at once. The coffee is an example of course. Really any food that would contain large amounts of processed sugars or carbs could simply do the same or worse. Once you go beyond the amount that your body has capacity of holding glucose or carbohydrates of, then it starts to look for other ways to store it--that would be in your fat cells. That is one sure way that many end up gaining weight, because, simply, of not realizing what their body is capable of handling in a given time or day.

We are in living in a society that are full of food and manmade goodies, per say. So, we are constantly tempted in feeding ourselves, even though, we may not be hungry. In addition, choosing foods that are high in white sugar, processed carbohydrates, bad fats, and foods with added preservatives just leave the body over whelmed and create a havoc within the system, because it just cannot handle all that junk food that it is being fed. Few things happen of course, one is that you end up gaining weight--and another would be that it places burden on your cells and organs, making them ill as a result.

The standard American diet is highly inflammatory to the body. It starts the production of systematic inflammation that proceeds to harm your health. The details of what it could do is just beyond belief. That is why it becomes highly integral to pay attention to ones diet and what you choose to feed your body. It is not even a matter of gaining weight--but matter of your health being at stake. Continuous inflammation wrecks hell with the system and promotes all sorts of health issues including cancer. This is what you don't want to happen. The magic is simple--stick to nature and your body will enjoy living a long healthy life.

Food that comes naturally from nature is one that is truly meant for us humans to consume. It is what we need to feed our body's needs with. Whole foods contain all the nutrients that your body needs in order to heal, rejuvenate and be in optimal health. Our system is constantly in process of rejuvenation, did you know that? Our cells need to renew to keep up with the demands, and when they don't get the nutrients that they need, they start to go south--meaning go bad, not be able to renew or rejuvenate. Instead, they try to compensate in other ways--and that just spells trouble for health and wellbeing. Whenever we eat something that the body does not recognize or like, it works double as hard trying to get rid of it, because it sees it as a predator or enemy. This done enough times, over and over, spells trouble for health and wellbeing.

Learn to Eat Right for Your Body

Learning what your body's needs are is of much importance to be in optimal health. It is really not that complicated. We each are made differently, thus have different needs. Once you understand what works well with your body, and what makes you feel great--then that is what you will stick to, and as a result feel fantastic. Some people may need to eat more carbs, while others may not be able to handle that as well. Consulting a natural health practitioner who can work with you and teach you what your needs are, would be an asset to your health and well being. Once you learn what is good for you--then you can easily make better choices from there. If you have some health issues that you are dealing with, in particular, that would even make it more important to consult an knowledgeable practitioner that can help you with your particular needs. " Allow your food to be your medicine and your medicine to be your food" as it is stated by hypocrites from ancients ago. They are right.

Become Active

Exercise is another very important part of wellbeing. Though, learning what foods to eat for you may prevail, but don't under estimate the power of movement and exercise. Without appropriate activity, your body can not perform right. It does not have the chance to secrete all those wonderful hormones and balance itself. Your lymph glands, which are a way for your body to get rid of your toxins don't have a pump, but they easily can get over whelmed and need to move. The pump for those wonderful lymph glands are you. So, yes, you need to move and exercise to help them get rid of those toxins. Your body starts to operate more appropriately when you move and are active. All the cells, nerves, tissues, organs, hormones, neurotransmitters, and so forth start to feel good, secrete and do their job appropriately, leaving you feeling fantastic. So, get moving. Try to do what you can at your level. It does not have to be a lenghty session--a 10 to 20 minutes of walking can be a great start. As you get more advance, of course, you will feel that you would want to do more or something different. Make a commitment and become more active for your health. Of course, make good choices of what you eat too--because they do go together very much so. It really is 50 50!

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