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Toxic Gifts to Watch Out For

Posted in: Health, Nutrition, News Watch
By Dr. Pantea Etminan, NHD
Nov 28, 2011 - 11:47:51 AM

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Gift giving is part of this festive season and it is a wonderful way of placing a smile upon our loved ones faces. Though, we must keep in mind the importance of giving gifts that are safe and good for them --not ones that could cause them more harm than good. There are gifts that have been identified as harmful which could increase the risk of disease and even death.

What Not to Gift?

There are certain typical stuff that are given as gifts that I will mention here. But in general anything that could include chemicals that could be absorbed or ingested by the body should be avoided.

  1. Processed meats: including hams, sausages, cold cuts and such. All these meats contain loads of preservatives and sodium nitrite, which has been recognized to cause cancer. These chemicals and preservatives are used to keep the food for longer and make it look good. Besides that there are other ingredients that are toxic, such as un-natural flavorings, spices, and colors that is used to make it taste good (per say--the chemical flavoring just numbs the taste buds so the consumer would be fooled into it tasting good and consuming more of it). Besides all that, usually, there are ingredients used that are have MSG reactions and are pro-inflammatory.
  2. Perfumes and other personal items, such as lotions: these personal items are loaded with toxic chemicals that make them smell good and feel good. Typically they are loaded with cancer causing chemicals (example would be a perfume bottle which contains at least over 20 cancer causing chemicals). Most, if not all commercial type perfume containing products on the market utilize chemical odors and preservatives. Since these personal items, when smelled or placed on the body are easily absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream yet organs, where they would need to be further processed--pose a great danger to the body. They are looked upon as foreign dangerous matter inside the system; therefore the internal system tries to work hard to get rid of it, thus its load of toxins increases places more demand upon our body and posing risk to our health.
  3. Clothing that is rich in chemicals and are GMO: all cotton in this country is GMO, genetically modified organism, by now. No, we are not ingesting food that is placed on our body, but we still could have some contacts with some toxic materials. Besides that, supporting GMO makers and Monsanto to increase their profit margin and make more GMO does not encourage a healthier society. In addition, there are lots of chemical dyes that may be utilized on clothing. Dyes are always toxic and cancerous. the dye on a piece of clothing could easily come off and be ingested into the system from skin. It is wise to wash such items and allow that initial dye that could come off, get released into the washing machine (wash such items by themselves in the beginning, so you are not polluting your other garments with it).
  4. Cell phones and computer: though these are items that have their place in our society at this time, they still do pose great danger to health and wellbeing. Being bombarded by radiation and their energy all the time alters humans energy and health. Cancer and tumor creation are affected by these items. Utilizing them for what is needed and then keeping them away from our daily life at all time is a practice that could enhance one's life and even save lives. So, keep them types of electronic goods at the least and keep their utilization for when necessary only.
  5. Dieabetes and electropollution: type 3 diabetes have been recognized to be caused by electropollution. The extreme electromagnetic field that cell phones and other types of computer systems radiate alter blood sugar levels--they start to get out of control and swing out of control. Besides diabetes concern, every cell in the body is affected by the electromagnetic field that could lead to illness and disease. Thus the importance of limiting usage of such things and detaching from it. Getting fresh air and exercise assists with the detaching process yet allows the immune system to become stronger (so it can deal with it better).
  6. Candies, cookies and other goodies: it is important to watch out for what you purchase in food and especially such practical types of, per say, junk foods. The regular commercial type of goodies, cookies, cake, candies and such are made with ingredients that are made with GMO products with added chemicals to make them last. In addition, they almost always carry ingredients that mimic MSG to enhance the consumers taste buds and make them want more of the food. These types of foods are really not food at all. The chemicals, preservatives and GMO products that are utilized are not processed by the typical human system and will cause devastation, leading to increase risk of disease and cancer. It is best to avoid such foods or purchase them mindfully--meaning buying them from places that use good ingredients and making sure that the label states that such toxic ingredients does not exist in it. Even better making them yourself from good quality organic ingredients would ensure that you are actually eating something that is not only not bad for you.
  7. Toys that could be dangerous: some toys are loaded with toxins--from the plastic which is used to the colorings on it. make sure the ones that you choose to purchase are not degradable and do not pass out chemicals.
  8. Plastic Balloons: plastic in general is best avoided if possible at all. It contains chemicals, especially in softer types of plastic that could easily be broken down. Balloons, obviously, are made of plastic and colorings. Many of them are made of materials that could be broken down and are toxic. If you do want to buy them, look for PFO free or other chemical free labels--and don't allow your child to have close contact with it or lick it! Children have a tendency to want to lick and taste many things that around. Unfortunately, many parents don't recognize that not everything is all right to lick on, thus exposing their child to toxins. Being mindful and knowing how to handle things can make a safer environment not only for your child but for the whole family--thus a joyful occasion of celebration.

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